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ADJ MOD Series: Innovative New Modular LED Par Design Offers Unrivaled Versatility

ADJ’s new MOD Series of LED Par Can fixtures have been carefully designed to make life easier for lighting designers and other portable lighting users. Each model in the range offers a different LED light-source, suitable for a wide variety of applications, but they all feature the same innovative modular casing design which takes LED Par Can flexibility to another level.

The MOD Par fixtures are ‘modular’ in two different ways. First, the main body moves – drawing the LEDs inside the casing – so that you can quickly create a snoot to eliminate side glare if required in a particular situation. Second, the black metal outside casing can easily be removed and replaced with a pearl white housing kit (sold separately). This means that you can invest in just one set of LED Pars but have the flexibility of using them in either white or black depending on the requirements of each event.

American DJ MOD Series Uplights

Four fixtures currently make up the MOD Series, each with the same pioneering design but with a different configuration of LEDs. The first model, MOD QA60features four 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBA LEDs for a total power output of 60W. Offering a diverse palette of colors, this affordable fixture is ideal for a wide variety of stage, dancefloor and architectural lighting duties. Meanwhile, for larger venues and productions when increased brightness is required, the MOD QW100boasts a total of seven 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs creating a total power output of 105W. The use of a White LED for this model in place of the Amber featured on the QA60 allows for intense cool white washes of light to be created. Also offering a total power output of 105W, the MOD TW100 makes use of 4-in-1 CW/WW/WW/A LEDs to allow exacting control over the color temperature of white light washes, making this fixture ideal for stage illumination. Finally, at the top of the range is the MOD HEX100 which features seven 15-Watt 6-in-1 RGBWA+UV LEDs allowing for an extended gamut of colors including both cool and warm white as well as UV-infused hues.

All of the models in the range feature the same flexible scissor yoke which consists of two separate brackets held together by a pair of thumbscrews. These can either slide together and lock into place to create a single hanging bracket or slide apart to create a variable-angle floor stand. This makes the MOD Series Par Cans flexible fixtures that can be used for venue up-lighting, stage down-lighting and many other applications.

Further adding to the versatility of the MOD Series units, each fixture is supplied with three interchangeable frost filters included. These can be used to expand the standard beam angle of 17-degrees up to 20, 40 or 60-degrees, as required. The lenses are quick and easy to fit, secured in place with four convenient thumbscrews (supplied), and mean that the same fixtures can be used to create narrow shafts or broad washes of light depending on the requirements of a given project. In addition, a set of black metal barn doors is also available as an optional extra, offering even more added flexibility.

Professional caliber fixtures, all four of the MOD Series Pars feature both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR input and output sockets to allow easy integration into any DMX lighting system. Locking powerCON input and output connections are also included, allowing multiple fixtures to be connected to one power supply.

American DJ

Each model in the MOD Series offers a choice of 6 different operational modes, making them ideal for all kinds of lighting installations – both permanent and temporary – covering the whole spectrum from standalone operation to full DMX control. A 16-segment backlit LED display on the back of each fixture makes mode selection simple, while 64 built-in color macros make it easy to select popular colors and hues. Multiple fixtures can also be linked together for synchronized master/salve operation and an IR sensor allows remote control using either the ADJ Airstream IR app or UC IR controller (sold separately), which provide alternatives to standard DMX control.

With compact dimensions of 7” x 8” x 9.25” / 174 x 204 x 235mm (LxWxH), the MOD Series Pars will fit into small spaces, providing unobtrusive yet powerful illumination wherever it is required. And, with a weight of just 6 lbs. / 2.6 kg., the fixtures are ideal for one-off events and mobile lighting setups that need to easily transported. 

Featuring a completely reimagined casing design, the ADJ MOD Series of modular Par fixtures has been created to give lighting designers more flexibility and more power. By investing in the MOD Series you’ll not only have Par Cans that offer unrivalled versatility and brightness, but the unique option to purchase pearl while housing kits for a fraction of the cost of completely separate white-cased fixtures.

The MOD QA60, MOD QW100 and MOD HEX100 are avaialble now from ADJ USA. The MOD TW100 is scheduled to arrive in April 2018.

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