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American DJ

American DJ ADJ Focus Beam LED 80W Moving Head [B-STOCK]

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  • American DJ's Focus Beam LED B-stock inventory is in excellent, mint condition shape as if they are brand new.  It will come in its original box with all its original accessories. No dents, no scratches, and no wear and tear. It will also come with ADJ's 2-year warranty!

    ADJ is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular Focus Series of LED-powered moving head fixtures with the introduction of the Focus Beam LED. The first dedicated beam fixture in the range, this new model generates a highly-concentrated solid beam that is incredibly powerful, making it ideally suited for creating impressive and engaging aerial effects.

    Powered by an extremely efficient 80-Watt white LED light source, with a color temperature of 7400K, the Focus Beam LED features an advanced optical system which creates an output comparable to an MSD 5R lamp. The unit’s large front lens projects a beam with a 2.5-degree angle that has an even field with no hot spots, which remains uniform over tremendously long projection distances. Meanwhile it’s 50,000 hour average LED life expectancy effectively means that the inconvenience of lamp replacement becomes a thing of the past.

    Featuring a variety of high-quality beam manipulation tools, the Focus Beam LED offers lighting designers a wealth of creative potential. This begins with the 13-postion (+ open) dichroic color wheel, which features a useful mix of vibrant saturated hues and more subtle muted tones as well as a CTO filter. In addition to this is a separate GOBO wheel, which is loaded with 15 fixed metal patterns (+ open). These include four beam reducers, allowing the creation of extremely narrow pencil-thin beams, as well as a diverse collection of simple patterns that have been deliberately selected for generating sharp mid-air effects.

    Two separate indexed and rotatable prisms can then be applied to any selected GOBO and color combination to generate dynamic multi-beam effects. These take the form of 8-facet circular and 6-facet linear options, which can be used independently or layered together. This gives lighting designers the ability to achieve a wide variety of distinctly different aerial effects, which can be further enhanced using the optional split color, GOBO shake, and variable speed strobe and pulse effects.

    The fixture also offers motorized focus, which is the signature feature of the Focus Series. This allows lighting designers to ensure projected GOBOs remain sharp over any throw distance, while also having the option of deliberately blurring them to create more subtle textured projections. In addition, the Focus Beam LED also offers a linear 0-100% frost filter, which allows the unit to do double duty as a wash luminaire if required.

    With 16-bit pan and tilt stepper motors and a lightweight design, the fixture offers precise positioning, smooth movements and a lightning fast top speed. In addition, 16-bit digital dimming allows for exacting control over the beam’s output as well as extremely smooth fades in and out. A choice of six present dimming modes is also provided, as well as adjustable LED refresh rate (from 900 to 25k Hz) and gamma settings (between 1.0 and 2.8).

    In terms of connectivity, the unit is fitted with both input and output power connections – in the form of locking Seetronic sockets – which allow the power supply for multiple fixtures to be linked together (up to 15 @ 120V or 30 @ 230V). A USB socket is also fitted for easy future firmware updates, while standard 3-pin input and output sockets allow integration into a DMX control system. The unit offers a choice of two channel modes (16 or 18) and is also compatible with the RDM protocol for remote DMX addressing.

    Despite its powerful output, the Focus Beam LED is a compact and lightweight fixture. With dimensions of 10.96" x 6.85" x 17.61" / 278 x 174 x 447mm (LxWxH) and a weight of 27 lbs. (12.25 kg) it is easy to store, transport and rig, making it ideal for production companies and rental houses. It’s relatively low profile also makes it perfect for installation in venues with limited ceiling height or for situations where rigging space is limited.

    Light Source:

    1x 80W Cool White LED Engine

    2.5° Beam Angle

    Color Temperature: 7400K

    50,000 Hour Average LED Life


    Control Protocol: DMX & RDM (Remote Device Management)

    DMX Modes: 2 (16 & 18)

    Dim Modes: 6 Presets (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2)

    Dim Speed control (0.1~10 Seconds)

    Dimming: 0 - 100% 

    Strobe & pulse control

    Motorized Focus

    Linear Frost 0-100% (Wash effect)

    2 Prisms: 6 & 8 Facet, Indexable and Rotatable

    USB firmware update port

    Adjustable LED Refresh Rates (900~25k Hz)

    Adjustable Gamma Settings (1.0-2.8)

    With Wired Digital Communication Network

    Display: Touch display with 5-button touch menu

    Color Wheel:

    13 dichroic colors + white 

    GOBO Wheel:

    Metal wheel with 15 fixed GOBOs + Open

    GOBO shake effect

    Prism Wheel:

    Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 8-facet Circular

    Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 6-facet Linear

    Prism Indexing with overlay feature


    Control Modes: DMX512, RDM (Remote Device Management)

     & Stand Alone Internal Programs

    2 DMX Channel Modes: 16 & 18 channels

    16-Bit Pan, Tilt & Dimmer control


    DMX Connections: 5-pin Locking XLR In & Out

    Power Connections: Seetronic Locking Power In & Out


    Pan & Pan Fine: 630 degrees

    Tilt & Tilt Fine: 270 degrees


    Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)

    Maximum Power Consumption: 136W @ 120V

    Daisy chain: 15 units @ 120V; 30 units @ 230V

    Dimensions & Weight:

    Dimensions (LxWxH):  10.96" x 7.55" x 17.61" / 278x191x447mm

    Weight: 27 lbs. (12.25 kg)

    What’s Included: 

    2x Omega Brackets

    1x Seetronic Power Locking Power Cable

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