How to DJ

DJ Academy

Whether you're a brand new DJ, a traditional DJ who's returning to the business, or a digital DJ, Sonido Live is for you. If you want to perform in public, big audience or small, using modern DJ gear - for profit, or simply, for fun - our team is ready to help. Here's how DJ Academy is here to help you to fulfill your needs:

  • Trust what you read - Ever get the feeling you're being sold to? Sonido Live was designed by DJs for DJs; for Pro Audio enthusiasts for Pro Audio enthusiasts all across America. It's your money your spending, so we believe the most important thing is to tell it exactly as it is
  • You need the gear that suits you best - so we review it all, quickly and thoroughly. Our business isn't about trying and sell you high mark-up, expensive products; instead, we tell you what's best at all price points. That includes software as well as hardware, plus headphones, speakers, audio interfaces and all manner of digital DJ controllers. Think of it as buying or leasing a car, or choosing the right credit card for you.  We will help you find something that will suit you best.
  • You are passionate about getting better - so we offer tons of tuition - sign up as a PRIVATE CLIENT to receive up to 35% brand new gear at Sonido Live with full manufacturer's protection warranty, free accessories and up to 50% off on bags.  We also have regular tutorials on conquering the art of the DJ. 

What to do next...

To fully benefit from our DJ tips, we strongly advise you to read our tips below.  Whether you're just starting out or ready to level up, here is some tips and buying guides for DJs by DJs all across America: 

  • Amateur DJ - you're just starting out.  You want to make some hard-earned cash and believe that this is your time to shine.  Click on this link to learn more on purchasing, gear options and more.
  • Club DJ - you're near the top of the mountain.  You're racking up two to three g's a week from spinnin' at your local club.  Here is what you need to know to 'level up' to the next standard.
  • Festival DJ - you've just reached the top and you're looking to expand your set. We've collected data from DJs all across the world - Serbia, Russia, Israel, Brazil - to share about their stories on purchasing decisions after reaching this boundary.