Best Powered DJ Speakers for Mobile DJs

Buying speakers as a mobile DJ can be a daunting task. There are so many different options to choose from even if a DJ narrows their choices down to amplified or passive speakers. The thing to remember when buying speakers is how big the gigs usually are.

For example, I did small birthday parties ( around 50 people) to school dances (300+ people). Therefore, what we would suggest for DJs is an easy-to-set, compact, self-amplified system that amounted to 1000 watts of sound. If you're playing at gymnasiums for school dances, there is no need for a lot of sound because the reverb in the room will help out. Also, for smaller parties, you could get away with one speaker. Now, if asked for bigger gigs, rent out more gear to maximize your sound effort. 

Active speakers are powered which means DJs need not worry about having an external amplifier. The volume is controlled on each speaker and each speaker connects directly to the mixer. Active speakers are really an all in one solution.

D.A.S. Action 15A Powered 1000 Watt DJ Speaker

The wattage rating on a powered speaker is the power of the internal amplifier built inside. Usually 1000 watt powered DAS Action 15A could get DJs through 400 dancing teenagers at a school dance. Active speakers are great because each speaker’s volume is controlled separately from each other and the DJ doesn’t have to watch their amp all night. 

RMS Power vs. Peak Power

Anyone who has shopped for PA speakers before probably have noticed that, in a pair, each one pushes a certain amount of watts. Most advertise pushing a lot of watts and for the price that sounds amazing, right? Well, don’t judge a speaker by its box.

The peak power is what the system can handle when it comes to spikes in audio but is not the recommended power for a continuous stream of audio. The number to find on the box is RMS which is a rating for a measure of continuous power.

 Turbosound IQ15 Powered DJ Speaker

The Turbosound IQ15 has a total of 2,500 watts

This concerns passive speakers mostly but it is important to understand regardless because dealing with power can be risky business if a fuse is blown or, worse, a speaker is fried.


DJs have probably heard the term watts from their electrical installation company before because watts are a simple way to measure a given amount of power. The power of a speaker is what pushes the volume of an the audio's signal receiver. The higher the watts doesn’t necessarily mean the louder the sound though. That can be determined by frequency responses and other audio stats. This is an important concept to understand because as a DJ - whether mobile or wedding - it is easy to say that 1000 watt speakers is better than a 550-watt speaker when in reality it is not that simple. 

Mobile DJing is a direction that takes the meaning of equipment to a whole new level. Gear doesn’t just mean a DJ controllers, DJ lights and DJ mixers. The term encompasses DMX controllers, laptops, microphones, needles, and much more. One of the most important set of components for any mobile DJ is to have a good pair of speakers. A mobile DJ will typically be an all-inclusive package so a sound system is definitely needed and it is important to understand what to look for in a system.