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 Aero Series2

The Aero Series2 systems bring the benefits of true line array performance to a wide range of applications in both portable and fixed-venue installations.

Action Series

The Action series inherits the exceptional sound quality and rugged build that have made D.A.S.professional systems an international sound reinforcement.

DR-500 Series

The DR Series has been revamped to provide more power, more performance and one of the most competitive offers in the audio market.

Reference Series

Whether it be in permanent installations or in mobile systems, the Reference series has won the respect of our clients around the world over thanks to their exceptional sound and reinforcement.

Event Series

The Event Line Arrays put the world acclaimed D.A.S. performance at your reach like never before. For portable live sound applications, or fixed installations.

Vantec Series

The new Vantec series of portable systems is comprised of 8 models in both powered and passive configurations.

Soundforce Series

State-of-the-art dance club systems for nightclubs, bars, lounges and other venues.

Artec 300 Series

Installations system for quality sound in any type of venue - churches, concerts, restaurants, nightlife and many more.

BRAND NEW!  Altea Series


Control at your fingerprints!  Unprecedented control, unprecedented technology.

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