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From Equipment to Success:
How to start a Mobile DJ business

How to start a Mobile DJ business

With the right equipment, mobile DJs can potentially earn upwards of $40,000 a year

In fact, usually much more, if you are playing three or four major gigs a week, and specializing within the wedding market.

By its very nature, mobile DJs, can in fact, actually, make much, much more.

These full-timers are the breed of DJs who hire other working DJs, and who are willing to spend hard-earned cash for serious equipment.

But while being a mobile DJ is a great career opportunity, especially if you are considering to invest money to make money, it certainly requires a lot knowledge in equipment, and this article will reveal the right hardware to purchase.

Our top choice for a beginner DJ equipment package

Behringer B115MP3. Powered 1000W 15" Speaker with an Integrated MP3. The Behringer B115MP3 is low-cost, lightweight, yet powerful loudspeaker delivering excellent sound and high-end features such as an on-board MP3 player allowing you to put your USB flash drive to play tracks without your controller, a 15" low-frequency transducer to ensure the bass you need to get people to start dancing and a 2-band EQ.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3. 2-Channel Professional DJ Controller with Serato. The comprehensive and portable DJ controller from the most popular SB series offers you the best Serato DJ experience hands down. Thanks to the upgraded FX Fade feature, it allows you to cut track volume as you apply one of the eight effects pattern, which will help bring up the quality of your transitions!

One of our packages from our Starter DJ page, the Behringer 15" MP3 Speakers + Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller, is our top choice for DJs looking to begin hustling with the right gear; without cutting off an arm and leg. Here at Sonido Live, we designed this bundle as the necessary start for someone looking to fill sound in a decent-sized backyard or room.

But consider adding a few more equipment you'd need:

DJ Lighting. Stage Lighting. Whatever you want to call them!

They play a crucial role in enhancing the audience's experience. In fact, DJ lights are as essential as your sound system, and without music, even the best DJ lights will set the mood and make your event look and feel like a disco.

Monitoring System.  Headphones or a powerful pint-sized PA. This will help you cue points and change the tempo and beat to match the incoming music they will mix. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x DJ Headphones

The ATH-M50X from Audio-Technica gives you excellent isolation with minimal bleed, while cushy comfort during those long gigs.  Our #1 choice for DJ headphones.

Microphone system. Wired or wireless.

→ Your job as a mobile DJ is to perform and rock the crowd. Why do you need a microphone? For these reasons:

→ Interact and get your crowd fired up.

→ Give shout-outs and props.

→ You're a MC! You're the host of the gig, the head of the ceremony - you better act like it with a good microphone!

The hands-down, industry standard microphone for DJs.  In both wired and wireless applications, the SM58 will never let you down.

Get your controller and speakers secured.  It is absolutely necessary to take care of your controller and speakers. After all, the box for your controller is not going to last for so long... The worst possible damage can occur while carrying it. There are sensitive and fragile knobs, buttons and sliders on the device and you don’t wanna break any of them.

No doubt, it's important for your gear to arrive in tip top condition.

Thank you for reviewing our top-choice for a beginner-friendly DJ package.  Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or need more information. 

Give us a ring at (213) 688-8860. We'll be happy to answer your questions.  You'll be glad you called!